Team Open Experts

Team Open Experts


XCP-NG is a type 1 hypervisor (bare-metal hypervisor) based on the Xen-Hypervisor.

XCP-NG is subject to the same restrictions as the Xen hypervisor, which limits the possible executable operating systems. The latest version 8.2 supports the following guest operating systems:


  • Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022
  • Windows 10
  • Older Windows versions are emulated (slower)


  • RHEL/CentOS from 7, Rocky, Alma, Oracle…
  • All Debian/Ubuntu based
  • Arch, Alpine, SUSE and many more


  • FreeBSD and related systems (pfSense, TrueNAS…)
  • OpenBSD

Virtualization – Basics

Virtualization means running several sub-operating systems simultaneously on a single hardware and a main operating system.

The main operating system is called the host (main computer). All other sub-operating systems are called Guest.

The aim is to be able to make optimum use of ever faster and more powerful hardware, thus saving hardware costs, energy costs, space and peripheral costs without compromising secure and active operation.

Several systems are available for virtualization. This article describes the open source systems that are already so mature that they represent serious competition to the established top dogs.

QM services

in relation to our consulting / project management services or as a separate concept

  • Creation, adaptation and revision of QM content
  • Introduction of new QM software
  • Implementation of new QM-relevant processes

IT services

Advice is only useful in combination with concrete implementation. Here, too, we provide you with comprehensive support.

Consulting results are realized in concrete projects and lead to measurable improvements.

In order to guarantee independent advice, we work together with suitable external independent partners as required.

**Project management

  • Planning of a realization concept based on an existing consulting concept
  • Implementation of the realization concept in a project plan
  • Control / monitoring of the project plan
  • Monitoring the implementation of the existing objectives of the advisory concept

IT services

in relation to our consulting / project management services or as a separate service

  • Hardware and software implementation
  • Maintenance, migration, customization
  • Programming
  • Training

Quality management systems

Quality management ensures that your company’s organizational regulations are designed and documented comprehensively, systematically and comprehensibly on the basis of a valid quality standard/quality norm.

Service selection in the area of quality management

  • Basic process analysis of existing processes
  • Potential analysis of a QM system with regard to process optimization
  • Implementation analysis regarding the effectiveness / sustainability of future processes
  • Cost analysis of a QM introduction

Supported standards

  • ISO 9000 ff.
  • ISO 22000
  • GLK
  • More on request

IT infrastructure

An important prerequisite for the introduction, maintenance and expansion of business organization processes is the IT infrastructure that

  • stores and processes information arising in the process flow
  • Avoids multiple processing of information
  • Information required for evaluations is prepared and presented
  • keeps process information available, makes it permanently accessible and archives it

We advise you on the following topics

  • Integration of your processes into an existing / to be expanded IT infrastructure
  • Restrictions on integration due to existing IT infrastructure
  • Opportunities through migration to a new IT infrastructure
  • Cost analysis of an existing / to be renewed IT infrastructure

Organizational consulting

The organization of your company determines the profitability and quality of your offering and therefore also your market position vis-à-vis customers and competitors.

Short-lived market cycles force permanent adaptation and high flexibility of employees and processes. We support you in the following key areas:

  • Organizational structure and decision-making structures
  • Process organization
  • Controlling and benchmarking

As integral aspects of an optimized business organization, we consider the

  • Communication management
  • Information management
  • Quality management

Merger & Acquisition

Do you want to grow faster, consolidate your market position or exploit synergies?

We look for suitable companies for you and analyze the overall situation for plausibility and future opportunities.

  • Search for suitable companies that are eligible for a merger / acquisition
  • Market analysis of the new company
  • Potential analysis of the new company
  • Strengths/weaknesses analysis of the new company
  • Company valuation of the new company
  • Synergy potential analysis
  • Needs analysis for organizational consulting regarding the merger
  • Implementation in cooperation with partners (auditors, lawyers)

Component – supply bottlenecks

Electronic components that support open source software are just as affected by the supply bottlenecks of 2022 as all electronic components are at present.

  • SPS equivalents
  • Control cabinet components
  • Control components

This is why the selection of available open source hardware/software solutions is limited. Delivery times of up to 30 weeks are to be expected

If you would like to know more about this, simply contact us.